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Swiss National Museum

Local name: Landesmuseum Zürich

The Landesmuseum in Zurich, belonging to the Swiss National Museum, was opened in 1989. It boasts a rich collection of Gothic art and a collection of religious monuments - frescoes and carved altars.

Five permanent exhibitions were organized in the museum. One of them presents the history of the country since the Middle Ages, focuses on migration, politics, economy and religion. The second major exhibition presents the history of the arts industry along with a rich collection of national costumes.

At permanent exhibitions, you can also see a collection of antique furniture, a collection of weapons and uniforms, as well as an archaeological exhibition (1,400 exhibits from the Middle Paleolithic to the early Middle Ages).

The museum building was designed by Gustaw Gull, it represents the style of the French Renaissance. It is surrounded by a vast park.


Attractions inside

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    Museumstrasse 28001 Zürich , Switzerland