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Baden-Württemberg occupies the southwestern part of Germany. It covers, among others, the picturesque Black Forest range, and within it lies the well-known spa town of Baden-Baden and the shores of Lake Constance.

The capital of Baden-Württemberg is Stuttgart. It is a city where technology and culture intertwine to form an inseparable whole. In addition to the pretty Old Town, numerous wineries and restaurants, and art museums, there are also the Porsche Museum and the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

The most famous place of the region is the spa town Baden-Baden known since Roman times. For centuries, it was accompanied by cream and crowned heads from all over Europe. Today, patients and tourists are still attracted by historic and modern thermal baths and a magnificent spa park.

Baden-Württemberg can boast of many beautiful, historic cities. Among them, Heidelberg, Tubingen, Friborg, Ulm and Konstanz deserve attention. Magnificent castles and monastery complex can be admired in the valleys of the Rhine and Danube.

The region is also known for Germany's largest amusement park. Every year, Europe-park attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists who can have fun in 16 lands referring to films, fairy tales and other cultures.

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