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Mannheim is one of the largest cities in southern Germany and the former seat of the Palatinate electors. An important trace of this glorious past is the Baroque Mannheim Palace and Luisenpark.

The city is relatively young for German conditions. It was founded at the beginning of the 17th century, and in 1720 it became the residence of the electors. Then a huge baroque palace was built here, which is one of the largest buildings of this type in Germany. Today, most of its premises are occupied by the local university, and only the central part with stucco decorations and illusionist paintings in the palace's church has been made available to tourists.

The city's biggest attractions include Luisenpark. It was founded for Luiza von Baden, daughter of Emperor Wilhelm I at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. There are hundreds of flower beds on 42 hectares, a lake on which you can swim gondolas and the modern Mannheim Telecommunications Tower with a glass terrace at a height of 120 m. Another known the tower in the city is the historic Water Tower appearing in numerous photos, in front of which the Wasserspiele fountain is located.

Mannheim can also boast of numerous museums. The most important of these is classified as one of the largest technical museums in Germany, the Technoseum. Large collections divided into several institutions: the Museum of World Cultures, the Museum of International Photography, the Schiller Museum, the Bassermannhaus Museum and the armory are located in the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum complex.

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