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Heidelberg Castle

Local name: Schloss Heidelberg

Located inside: Castle Garden Heidelberg

It is a Gothic-Renaissance castle located on a mountain slope. It was built gradually, from the 13th to the 16th century. Inside, in addition to diverse architecture, visitors can see the Big Barrel, which is the world's largest wine barrel and the only one of its kind Pharmacy Museum.

The building was made of red sandstone. Initially, it served as a defensive function, and in subsequent years a representative role. The architecture of the building is dominated by late Gothic and Renaissance styles.

The Big Barrel is certainly an unusual attraction of the castle. Established in 1751 as one of four such barrels and has a capacity of over 200,000 liters. 130 oaks were used for its creation, and its top was originally a dance floor.

The castle was partially burned as a result of a lightning strike in 1764.

Heidelberg Castle map
Schlosshof 169117 Heidelberg , Germany