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Technology Museum

Local name: Technik Museum

The Technical Museum was founded in 1991 and has over 2,000 exhibits in its collection. Visitors can see, among others space shuttle, planes and helicopters, equipment used by fire brigades, boats, rail vehicles and motorcycles. The most important attractions of the museum include Soviet OK-GLI shuttle, Boeing 747 and U-Boot U9 submarine. The museum also houses the IMAX DOME cinema.

Spey was for many years an important center of the German aviation industry. In 1913, an aviation company began its work, which during World War I produced combat aircraft for the German army. It soon turned out that the plant was too small to meet the expected production, so it was decided to move to Spira a factory hall from the conquered French city of Lille. This hall was called 'Liller Hale' by the residents.


Attractions inside

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