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Hohenzollern Castle

Local name: Burg Hohenzollern

Hohenzollern Burg is a castle located in Baden-Württemberg, on the top of the Hohenzollern Mountain with a height of 855 meters above sea level. The castle was once the seat of the German Hohenzollern dynasty from Swabia. Its representatives ruled in German countries, including in Brandenburg, Ansbach, Bayreuth, Prussia, from 1871 as German emperors and in 1869-1947 Romania.

Hohenzollern Castle is one of the most visited castles in Germany. Currently, the fortress is the private property of the Hohenzollern family, of which two-thirds belong to the Brandenburg Prussian unit.

The first fortress on the mountain was built at the beginning of the 11th century. Over the years, the Hohenzollern headquarters divided several times. This castle was completely destroyed in 1423 after a ten-month victory of free Swabian imperial cities. A larger and more durable structure was built in the years 1454-1461, which was a refuge for the Hohenzollerns during the Thirty Years' War.


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