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Castle Square

Local name: Schloßplatz

Castle Square is the largest square in the center of Stuttgart. Visitors can take advantage of the surrounding cafes and palace gardens in the summer, while during the winter the Christmas market organized here is the biggest attraction of this place.

The property consists of a baroque garden with a fountain and a music pavilion. In its center is a 30-meter figure of the goddess Concordia from 1841. The square also houses the New Palace and the Old Castle with the Chancellery and the Mercury Column built in 1598 as a water tower.

On the north side of the square you can find the exhibition pavilion, the seat of the oldest German artistic association Kürttembergische Kunstverein and the building of Queen Olga.

The property hosts many important events such as open-air concerts, live broadcasts, and music and film festivals.


Attractions inside

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    Schloßplatz 70173 Stuttgart , Germany