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Porsche Museum

Local name: Porsche Museum

The car museum was founded in the second half of the year. Of the twentieth century at the Porsche factory and in its exhibition has all its models. Over 80 cars have been prepared for visitors, including Austro - Daimler ADS R "Sascha" from 1922, futuristic Type 64 from 1934, or the iconic Type 356 Roadster from 1948. The museum also hosts educational classes for children and numerous cultural events.

The current seat of the museum was designed by the Vienna architectural office Delugan Meissl, whose design was selected from among 170 works submitted for the competition. The aim of the competition organized by Porsche was to select a project that would best reflect the brand's philosophy.

In addition to the permanent exhibition in the museum, you can also see exhibitions dedicated to special events or anniversaries, including The 100th anniversary of the Porsche 911, or the 24 Le Mans car race, and the interactive 'Porsche Touchwall' installation on the brand's history.


Attractions inside

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