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Black Forest Open Air Museum

Local name: Schwarzwälder Freilichtmuseum

The open-air museum presents the culture and history of the Black Forest. Visitors can see what the daily life and work of the people of the Black Forest looked like over 400 years. There are 6 fully equipped residential houses and 15 outbuildings such as mills, sawmills, warehouses, a distillery and a chapel.

The residential houses presented in Skansen come from different parts of the region and present thematic exhibitions referring to the characteristics of the presented place. So you can find here an exhibition of typical work done by traveling craftsmen, textile handicrafts, dairy and animal husbandry, or a combination of historical and contemporary light sources. The collections of the last three buildings depict wood crafts, clocks and traditional regional costumes, forestry, glass blowing, and regional stones and minerals.

Around the buildings there are farm animals and a healing garden, in which over 130 species of herbs were grown.


Attractions inside

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    Wählerbrücke 177793 Gutach (Schwarzwaldbahn) , Germany