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Baden-Baden is one of the best known and most beautiful German spas. Located in the forested mountains, Schwarzwald impresses with its well-preserved nineteenth-century buildings and the unique atmosphere of the former imperial resort.

The hot brine springs in the Black Forest were already known in Roman times. The ruins of the Roman Baths come from this period, and references to antiquity are visible in many facilities and places around the spa, even in the name of Plac Augusta.

After a period of medieval and modern retreat from the use of thermal baths, fashion returned to it at the end of the 18th century. It was then that the triumphal march of Baden-Baden began for the title of one of the most important European resorts.

The spa has several thermal baths, both historic and modern. The most famous are the modern Caracalla Baths with numerous water attractions and a wide range of spa & wellness treatments. The neo-Renaissance Friedrichsbad - Roman-Irish Bath built over the Ruins of the Roman Bath is very atmospheric. The spa part of Baden-Baden is green. The extensive spa park has a mineral water pump room and gardens: Gönneranlage, Rose Garden and Dahlia Baden-Baden Garden.

The city is also full of interesting monuments from different eras. The reminder of the Gothic buildings of the city is the Lichtensthal Monastery. Other temples, the Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration, the Strourdz Chapel, and the Church of Baden-Baden are also noteworthy. There are also museums such as the LA8 Museum showing the transformation of art and technology in the nineteenth century, the City Museum and the Frieder Burda Museum with works of modern art.

The surroundings of Baden-Baden are very picturesque and encourage walking and hiking. Their popular goal is the hill on which stands the Mercury Tower with a viewing terrace. It can be accessed by the historic Merkur Mountain Railway, operating since 1913. The attraction of this area is also the Varnhalt Black Forest Mini Village.

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