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The Two Shores Garden

Local name: Jardin des Deux-Rives

The Two Banks' Garden is a greenery located on the French and German banks of the Rhine. It is a symbol of partnership and friendship between these two countries. The banks are fastened with a hanging footbridge. The garden hosts international meetings, exhibitions, concerts and performances.

Construction of the garden began in 1995. It was enabled by the entry into force of the provisions on the opening of borders within the European Union initiated by the Maastricht Agreement and the Schengen provisions. The park was built in cooperation between Germany and France.

The garden covers about 150 hectares. There are flower beds, clusters of shrubs and trees, as well as places to organize cultural events. The most important part of the park is the footbridge connecting both banks, which shows in tangible way the cooperation and partnership of both nations.


Attractions inside

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    Rue des Cavaliers 67000 Strasbourg , France