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Palace of Nations

Local name: Palais des Nations

Nations. The facility is one of the most active centers of diplomatic cooperation in the world. Only in 2012, the Palace of Nations became the arena of almost 10,000 intergovernmental meetings.

The architects of the Palace of Nations were selected as part of a competition. Finally, five competitors were selected to collaborate on the project. The building is located in Ariana Park, which was included in the plan of Geneva in 1890. Under the cornerstone of the Palace of Nations is a time capsule containing a document with the names of the League of Nations member states.

In the Palace and nearby gardens you can admire the gifts offered by various UN member countries. The garden also has a tall, soaring titanium coated obelisk, which was given to Switzerland by the Soviet Union. The building overlooks Lake Geneva and the French Alps.


Attractions inside

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    Avenue de la Paix 141202 Geneva , Switzerland