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Castle Lenzburg

Local name: Schloss Lenzburg

Lenzburg Castle, considered one of the oldest and largest in Switzerland, is located above the old part of the city of Lenzburg, about 25 kilometers from Zurich. The stronghold towers over the area, standing on a hill 504 meters high. The oldest fragments of the monument come from the 11th century, when it was used by the counts of Lenzburg. The castle with almost 1000 years of history now houses the Castle Museum and the dragon research station. Temporary exhibitions on the subject of knighthood and nobility.

According to legend, the castle hill in Lenzburg was once inhabited by a dragon who was defeated by two brave knights. Wolfram and Guntram settled on the hill and erected their castle on its top. The stronghold remains one of the most important monuments of this type in Switzerland and is listed as a national heritage site on a national scale.

In 1959, near the castle hill, the remains of a tomb from the Neolithic era were discovered. Such a find confirms that the hill was already inhabited in prehistoric times. Today, in the museum gallery, tourists will find exhibits showing the history of its former inhabitants. A Children's Museum, a historic workshop and a café were also opened within the complex.



Castle Lenzburg map
Schloss 5600 Lenzburg, Switzerland