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Art Museum Basel

Local name: Kunstmuseum Basel

The museum presents works from the 15th century to the present day. The gallery was established in 1661, when private collections belonging to the lawyer Basilius Amerbach were bought by the city. The Collections of the Basel Museum of Art are not only paintings, sculptures and photographs, but also video recordings, installations and drawings.

The Basel Art Museum gathers the works of eminent artists such as Konrad Witz, Mathias Grünewald, Lucas Cranach the Elder and Martin Schongauer. Works of art belonging to the museum collections are exhibited in three buildings. Hauptbau was established in 1936, Gegenwart opened its doors in 1980, and the place known as Neubau was inaugurated in 2016.

The most important gallery exhibits from the 19th century are the collection of the painter Arnold Böcklin born in Basel. The 20th century is represented by representatives of such trends as cubism, German expressionism and abstract expressionism. Newer works are exhibited in a separate gallery - Museum of Contemporary Art.



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