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English Garden

Local name: Jardin Anglais

The English Garden on the shores of Lake Geneva was founded in the 1950s. The biggest attractions on its territory include: a sundial, the dial of which was made entirely of live flowers (a tribute to Swiss watchmakers), the Fountain of the Four Seasons with statues depicting characters from mythology, and a National Monument, commemorating Geneva's accession to the Swiss Confederation.

The flower clock was created in 1955, designed by the famous architect Armand Auberson. It is today a showcase of the park and its greatest ornament. The Fountain of the Four Seasons dates from the 1860s, it is decorated with statues: the god of the seas - Poseidon, the nereids Amfitryty, the shepherd Akis and his beloved nereid Galatei.

The park also features the busts of the French sculptor Rodo Niederhausen and the Swiss painters Alexander Calame and François Diday. Visitors can see the so-called "Stones of Neptune", wandering from the gardens towards the lake, they come from the Ice Age.


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