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The Greater Poland Voivodeship is associated primarily with places associated with the beginnings of the Polish State. In addition to the capital city of Poznań, there are also Gniezno and Ostrów Lednicki. A large part of the region is occupied by the lake district, where you can practice active tourism.

The capital of the region is Poznań, a city whose origins date back to the 10th century. You can see a Gothic cathedral here, in whose basements relics of the 10th / 11th century buildings, beautiful buildings of the Old Town with the Renaissance town hall and the modern Poznań heritage center have been preserved.

A short distance from Poznań is Gniezno with the cathedral standing on the site of one of the earliest Polish churches and the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State. Not far from here to Ostrów Lednicki, where the ruins of the first Piast capital, headquarters of rulers and churches from the 10th century have survived.

Wielkopolska is a region where next to Lower Silesia you can see the most palaces. The most important include those in Rogalin, Kórnik, Śmiełów, and Rydzyna, as well as a wooden hunting palace in Antonin.

One of the biggest attractions of the region is the part of the salt mine in Kłodawa, open to tourists. In turn, cycling, walking and water tourism can be practiced in the Wielkopolska Lake District, Notecka Forest or in the Wielkopolski National Park.

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