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Hungary is a country of wine, plains and thermal baths. This is his most popular image. However, one should not forget that in all this there are also interesting cities with numerous monuments, such as Budapest, Eger, Esztergom and Pécs.

The Hungarian capital is located on both sides of the Danube and is full of interesting monuments. The most spectacular are the royal castle in Buda, the parliament building rising on the banks of the Danube, and the cathedral of St. Stefan with relics of the patron of the country. Budapest also has several thermal baths, the most popular of which are Szechenyi and pools on Margaret Island.

Thermal baths are the hallmark of Hungary. The most famous is Hajdúszoboszló. In addition to the spa park and numerous hotels, there is also a huge, modern Hungarospa swimming pool complex. The swimming pool in the rock grotto in Miskolc-Tapolcy and swimming pools in Eger are also popular.

Eger is also a popular destination because of the interesting baroque buildings, a nice old town and a fortress rising above the city. The history of her defense is one of the most worshiped moments of Hungarian history. The city is also one of the two most important wine production centers in Hungary. Wine cellars, in which the red, dry Bikavera is stored, are located in the Beautiful Lady's Valley.

However, the wine capital of Hungary is Tokaj. Located on the Hungarian-Slovak border, among the picturesque Tokaj Mountains, the town has been known for centuries for the production of white sweet wine that hit the tables all over Europe. Today, in the surrounding towns you can find numerous home wineries organizing tastings often combined with feasts and dance shows.

The most famous natural attraction of Hungary is the Puszta, which is a flat steppe covering the eastern part of the country. Cattle grazing on it for centuries. The Puszta is protected as part of the UNESCO-listed Hortobágy Park, which can be visited by horse-drawn carts. As part of the tours horse riding shows and cattle flows are organized.

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