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Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén is located in northern Hungary, at the border with Slovakia. Its landscape is varied by the hills of the Bükk, Zempliński and Cserehát Mountains. The biggest attraction of this area is the Tokaj wine region, inscribed on the UNESCO list.

Volcanic tuffs, gentle mountain slopes and high sunshine make it an ideal place for growing grapes. Huge vineyards cover large areas of arable land. Since the Middle Ages, wines produced in the vicinity of Tokaj have been valued throughout Europe. In the town itself you can see one of the oldest cellars in Hungary, Rakoczi's Cellars, while in neighboring towns almost every wine produces wine for sale.

Not far from Tokaj lies the town of Sarospatak. Here you can also find wine cellars, but the most important attraction of the city is Rakoczych Castle standing in a large park. There are also several small thermal baths in the area.

However, the biggest attractions of this type can be found in Miskolc, which is the capital of the county. In the Tapolca district, in the extensive spa park, there is a swimming pool situated in artificial rock caves. The benefits of hot water can be enjoyed here throughout the year.

The committee is also known for its beautiful landscapes and underground attractions that can be admired in the Aggtelek National Park. The "Hungarian Karst" inscribed on the UNESCO list includes several dozen limestone caves with magnificent stalactite formations.

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