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Szeged Zoo

Local name: Szegedi Állatkert

The Zoological Garden in Szeged is one of the youngest, but also the largest in terms of area of the zoo in Hungary. There are about 600 animals in the zoo, representing 140 species from around the world. The most interesting inhabitants of the garden include the Aloatran lemur, Big-eared otocotus, European pond fawn, Great anteater and the silver ante.

The Szeged Zoo, in cooperation with other facilities, deals with the protection of endangered species and the rescue of injured wild animals, and also looks after animals taken from smugglers. Annually, the zoo saves about one thousand such animals. The Zoological Garden also conducts educational activities directed primarily at children and young people.

The Zoological Garden was established in 1989 and has an area of almost 45 hectares. In addition to animal runs, there are also playgrounds, gastronomic establishments and a souvenir shop. It is possible to organize birthdays at the zoo.


Attractions inside

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    Cserepes sor 476725 Szeged , Hungary