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Mora Ferenc Muzeum

Local name: Móra Ferenc Múzeum

The Ferenc Móra Museum has collections in the field of history, archeology, ethnography and natural history. They are presented as part of four permanent and temporary exhibitions. The main seat of the museum is a neoclassical edifice from the nineteenth century.

"Everything that is golden" is an exhibition presenting the history of the region through the lens of golden objects found during various excavations and archaeological works. The exhibition includes over 150 objects, the oldest of which are from the 6th century.

The purpose of the exhibition "We only have one earth" is to familiarize visitors with the geological history of our planet, as well as various aspects of the environment. The exhibition also presents changes that have taken place and continue to take place in the environment.

The other two permanent exhibitions present the history of Szeged and the character of Ferenc Móra. He was a writer and journalist, and for almost 20 years the director of the museum, which then in 1950 changed its name in his honor.


Attractions inside

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