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Botanical Garden Szeged

Local name: Szegedi Füvészkert

The Botanical Garden belongs to the University of Szeged and has an area of about 17 hectares. On its territory you can see a variety of vegetation - above all, numerous species originating from Hungarian territories and Central Europe and the Balkans, but also exotic plants. One of the most important plants in the garden is the Chinese metasyworld, the oldest specimen of this species in Hungary.

In the botanical garden there are several lakes where you can see freshwater plants, as well as a rose garden and greenhouses, where there are exotic palms, orchids and cacti. The annual Lotus Garden event is. It is a festival lasting several days, organized at the time when lotus blooms.

The Botanical Garden of the University of Szeged was founded after World War I, and its founder was a Hungarian biologist and botanist, István Győrffy. His contribution was to bring lotus to the garden.


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