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Csongrád is a flat region in southern Hungary, in the Great Hungarian Plain. It is located in the Tisza and Marusza basin and is primarily an agricultural area with large vegetable crops.

Due to the agricultural nature of the region, its main festivals and holidays are associated with crops. Every year, in late summer and autumn, almost all major cities have outdoor events, whose theme is harvest and specific vegetables grown in the area.

The capital, Csongrád, Szeged is the third largest city in Hungary. Its oldest monument is the medieval watchtower, which was part of the city fortifications. Most of the buildings, however, are much later, because the city has repeatedly been the victim of damage caused by Turkish invasions and fires.

One of the places more eagerly visited by tourists in the region is the town of Ópusztaszer, which houses a historical heritage park. In the large, round pavilion there is a panorama depicting the occupation of the Hungarian Plain by Hungarians under the leadership of Arpad. Around there is a reconstructed settlement from the time of the beginning of the Hungarian state. The city also has a braided Csillagösvény maze, as well as the Forest Temple and the ruins of a monastery.

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