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Szeged Cathedral

Local name: Szegedi Dóm

The Szeged Cathedral, also known as the Votive Church, is the fourth largest building in Hungary and has the largest organs in Europe, equipped with 9,740 pipes. The interior of the church is decorated with numerous frescoes connecting sacred elements with the Hungarian tradition. Behind the altar there is a fresco depicting the Madonna wearing a Hungarian crown, and on the fresco above we will see the Virgin Mary in traditional Hungarian costume.

The Segedin cathedral was made of brick and represents the Neo-Romanesque style. It has two towers 91 meters high, between which there is a dome with a diameter of 54 meters. In addition to the large organs, this temple is also equipped with five bells.

The construction of the church began in 1913, but it was interrupted by the outbreak of World War I. Eventually, the cathedral was completed in 1930. It was created on the site of the destroyed medieval church of St. Dmitri. The remains of the original building is the tower standing in front of the cathedral.


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    Dóm Tér 156720 Szeged , Hungary