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St. Stephen's Basilica

Local name: Szent István Bazilika

Saint Basilica Stefan's is the second tallest building in Budapest after the parliament. The basilica has a capacity of 8,500 people and is the largest church in the capital. The temple is crowned with a 96-meter dome, which is open to the public and is an excellent vantage point. The dome can be reached by stairs or by elevator. The entrance to the basilica is decorated with a tympanum depicting Mary and Hungarian saints. Inside the church you can also see important Hungarian relics, above all the mummified right hand of Saint Stephen.

The basilica began to arise in the mid-nineteenth century according to the plans of Józef Hild and was initially to represent the classicist style. Construction was delayed first due to the revolution in 1848, then due to technical problems and collapse of the dome. From 1868, construction was continued in the Neo-Renaissance style by Miklós Ybl, and was only completed in 1905 by József Kauser.

St. Stephen's Basilica map
Szent István tér 1H-1051 Budapest , Hungary