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Vajdahunyad Castle

Local name: Vajdahunyad vára

Vajdahunyad Castle is located on the so-called Széchenyi Island in the Municipal Park (Városliget). This eclectic building belongs to the complex of buildings constructed at the end of the 19th century. These are reconstructions of some or all of the characteristic monuments from Great Hungary. The Hungarian Agricultural Museum operates within the castle.

Individual parts of the complex represent different varieties of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles. Here we will see, among others, the reconstruction of the chapel from Ják, the torture tower reflecting the architectural style of the castles of Upper Hungary and the tower of Segesvár. The name of the castle comes from the castle in Vajdahunyad (now in Romania), parts of which are reproduced here.

All buildings were built at the end of the 19th century to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian state. It was supposed to be a temporary exhibition, but it appealed to the city's inhabitants, which is why all the buildings were rebuilt from durable materials.


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Vajdahunyad vár 1146 Budapest , Hungary