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Hungarian State Opera House

Local name: Magyar Állami Operaház

The Hungarian State Opera is a monumental building representing the neo-Renaissance style. The interior of the building is richly decorated, and colored marble was used for finishing. The walls of the opera are decorated with paintings by several Hungarian painters: Bertalan Székelye, Mór Than and Károly Lotz. The opera house can be visited with a guide.

The opera's main hall is horseshoe-shaped and can seat 1,261 spectators. At the time of opening, this opera was one of the most modern in Europe. Also today it is considered to be one of the best in terms of acoustics.

The opera house was designed by Miklós Ybl, one of the most important Hungarian architects of the 19th century. Construction began in 1875 and the grand opening took place in 1884. At the main entrance statues depicting Hungarian composers: Ferenc Erkel and Ferenc Liszt were placed. The sculptures were made by Alajos Stróbl.


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