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Heroes' Square - Millennium Monument

Local name: Hősök tere - Millenniumi emlékmű

Heroes' Square, sometimes also called Millennium Square or Millennium Square, located at the end of Andrássy Avenue is one of the largest and most important squares in Budapest. This square is used to organize political rallies and celebrations of public holidays. In the middle of the square there is The Millennium Monument, and on both sides of the square are the Palace of Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Both the square and the monument were built in 1896 to celebrate the millennium of the Hungarian state. The monument was designed by Albert Schickedanz and made by sculptor György Zala. The Millennium Monument consists of a central 36-meter central column crowned with a statue of the archangel Gabriel and a semicircular colonnade surrounding it. Around the pedestal of the central column are statues of Prince Arpad and his chiefs, and in the semicircular colonnade you can see a dozen or so important figures from Hungarian history.


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