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Treasury of the Cathedral

Local name: Főszékesegyházi Kincstár

Located inside: Esztergom Basilica

The Treasury of the Basilica located in the Basilica of St. Wojciech in Ostrzyhom has the largest collection of sacred and liturgical items in Hungary. The collection includes valuable jewelry, primarily silver and gold, as well as textiles, liturgical clothing and books. One of the most valuable objects in the vault collection is the silver coronation cross, used for the coronations of Hungarian rulers since the 13th century.

The oldest monuments in the treasury's collection come from the 11th century, and the latest from the 19th century. The vault's collections gradually increased over the centuries as the church acquired more and more objects. Currently, the collection includes about 400 items. An exhibition was created for the first time in 1886 thanks to the efforts of Hungarian Primate János Simor. Currently, the treasury has one permanent exhibition, which presents jewelry and textiles. Temporary exhibitions are also organized here.


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