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Komarom-Esztergom is located in northern Hungary, near the border with Slovakia. It reaches the Danube Bend and is one of the regions richest in monuments in the country. On its territory there is, among others, Esztergom with a powerful basilica, as well as the ruins of medieval castles and monasteries.

The landscape of the region is varied and includes both lowland and low hills of the Bakonski Forest and the Transdanubian Highland. In the east, it is limited by the Danube Valley, which picturesquely breaks through forested hills.

The capital of the county is Tatabánya, which is also the region's main industrial center. In the city park there are Szelim caves which are a local tourist attraction. Much more historic buildings can be found in other cities in the region.

The most important of them is Esztergom, one of the oldest cities in Hungary, founded in the 10th century and being the coronation site of Saint. Stefan. The city is called the Hungarian Vatican City because it is the seat of the most important Roman Catholic bishopric in the country. Above the Baroque buildings is a powerful basilica covered with a neoclassical dome.

An interesting monument is also the ruins of the 11th century Romanesque monastery in Dömös, associated with the rule of Arpad. In turn, in the village of Tata, on the shores of Lake Öreg, stands the 15th century castle-residence of the Hungarian kings.

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