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Crowning of St. Stephen

Local name: Szent István megkoronázása

The Statue of Saint Stephen's Coronation in Ostrzyhom commemorates one of the most important events in Hungarian history, namely the coronation of the first king of Hungary, Stephen. The monument presents two figures: Saint Stefan in a kneeling position and a bishop who puts a crown on his head. Both figures include a decorative bow.

The composition of the monument, in particular the arch covering both figures, refers to the Romanesque style. In addition, this arch symbolizes the Hungarian crown. At the top of the arch is a skewed cross, referring to the skewed cross on the Hungarian crown.

The statue was created in 2001. The whole structure is about 12 meters high and was made of limestone. The ceremonial unveiling of the monument took place on August 15, on the anniversary of the death of Saint Stephen. The author of the monument is Miklós Melocco, an award-winning Hungarian sculptor.


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