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Esztergom Basilica

Local name: Esztergomi Bazilika

Saint Basilica Wojciech in Ostrzyhom is the largest Catholic cathedral in Hungary. It is a monumental building in the classical style with a dome with a diameter of 33 meters. One of the most important objects inside the basilica is the painting above the altar by Girolamo by Michelangelo Grigoletti, which is the world's largest painting made on one piece of canvas. The colorful frescoes and the Tamás Bakócz chapel, made entirely of red marble, also attract attention.

Ostrzyhom is of special importance for Christianity in Hungary, because it was here that the first baptism and coronation of the Hungarian ruler took place. Currently, the basilica in Ostrzyhom is the seat of the archbishop of Ostrzyhom and the primate of Hungary. The Esztergom Basilica was built in 1822-1869 according to the design of Pál Kühnel, Janos Pakh and József Hild. She stood in the place where the church of St. Wojciech from the 12th century, destroyed by the Turks.


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