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Szentendre Open Air Ethnographic Museum

Local name: Szentendrei Szabadtéri Néprajzi Múzeum

The Open Ethnographic Museum in Szentendre is the largest open-air museum in Hungary, covering an area of 46 hectares. The museum presents the architecture, folklore and lifestyle of Hungarians. The museum is divided into eight parts, in which we will see a total of 312 original buildings with equipment, transferred here from different parts of the country and representing the diverse Hungarian culture. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions and various cultural events.

Visitors can not only see the buildings here, but also find out what the everyday life of the people in each region looked like, what their daily responsibilities were, what tools they used, how they prepared meals and what their crafts looked like - all these activities are presented by museum staff dressed in period outfits. The open-air museum also has a restaurant offering traditional Hungarian cuisine.


Attractions inside

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    Sztaravodai út 2000 Szentendre , Hungary