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Aquincumi Museum

Local name: Aquincumi Múzeum

The Aquincum Museum, a branch of the Historical Museum of Budapest, provides visitors with the ruins of the ancient Roman settlement, Aquincum, and an exhibition about everyday life in this city. At the museum you can see the remains of buildings (foundations and fragments of houses and ruins of the aqueduct), as well as paintings and objects of everyday use found during excavations.

The most interesting exhibits of the museum include functioning water organs, reconstructed on the basis of preserved fragments. As part of the permanent exhibition "Rome at Aquincum", visitors can also see numerous statues, a fountain with a dolphin sculpture, ceramic, glass and bronze vessels as well as gold and silver jewelry.

Separate exhibition "History formed from clay" was devoted to this important construction material, which is clay. It presents the method of producing bricks and other clay products in Roman times, as well as the use of these items.


Attractions inside

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    Szentendrei út 1351031 Budapest , Hungary