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Szentendre is a real gem on the tourist map of Hungary. A small city with picturesque, colorful buildings is considered a mecca for artists and craftsmen, who have several dozen workshops and studios here. It is also famous for the production of marzipan and the unique Marzipan Museum .

Founded on the site of a Roman settlement, Szentendre can boast an interesting history, a multicultural past and one of the best-preserved group of compact urban buildings in Hungary. Its cultural landscape was created by Hungarians, Jews and Serbs. The Belgrade Church , the 18th century Church of the Annunciation and the Museum of the Serbian Church remain after the latter. Every year, on August 18, Szentendre hosts a traditional Serbian church fair.

The most famous attraction of Szentendre are the local marzipans and the associated Marzipan Museum, where you can learn about the tradition of making this delicacy. But the city also prides itself on many other museums. Some of them are small and operate at art studios. The most important are the open-air museum presenting the folk culture of northern Hungary, the Szentendre Gallery , the Ferenczy Museum , the Museum of Public Transport , the Ámos Imre - Anna MargitMuseum , the KmettaMuseum , the Béla CzóbelMuseum , the BarcsayMuseum and the Margit Kovács Ceramics Museum .

Narrow streets with colorful tenement houses invite you to stroll through the Old Town of Szentendre. Many people also choose to take a stroll along the Danube Boulevards , with nice views of the river.

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