Hungary    Budapest    Tropicarium
number 10 in the city


Local name: Tropicarium

The Tropicarium is located within the Campona shopping center. Tropicarium has an area of about 3000 m2, and thus is the largest oceanarium in Central Europe. Inside, we have the chance to see fish, amphibians, reptiles and freshwater mammals from Hungary and tropical regions.

In individual parts of Tropicarium we will see many species of freshwater fish, as well as rays, alligators, lizards, snakes and sharks. It is worth visiting the aquarium at the time of feeding individual species and see what feeding and feeding of various animals looks like. It is also possible to buy special food and to feed ornamental carp (koi) yourself.

Integration and birthday parties for children and adults can be organized on site. For people with experience in diving, there is also the possibility of diving in an aquarium inhabited by sharks.


Attractions inside

    Tropicarium map
    Nagytétényi 37-431222 Budapest , Hungary