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Margit Kovács Ceramic Museum

Local name: Kovács Margit Kerámiamúzeum

The Ceramics Museum Margit Kovács in eleven rooms presents the work of the famous Hungarian artist, Margit Kovács. Her works have been arranged in chronological order, which allows her to observe the evolution of her artistic style and subject matter, which she referred to in her work.

Margit Kovács was born at the beginning of the 20th century and came into contact with pottery and ceramics as a child. Over time, it gained great recognition and it is now believed that thanks to it ceramics in Hungary - previously a bit forgotten art - survived its renaissance. In 1948 she received the Kossuth Prize, one of the most important prizes awarded in Hungary in the field of art.

The Ceramics Museum Margit Kovács was founded in 1973. It has since been significantly expanded. The museum's headquarters is a building from the 18th century, which initially operated as a salt depot, and later also as a post office and rectory. In 2011, the building was renovated and enlarged.


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    Vastagh György utca 12000 Szentendre , Hungary