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Ferenczy Museum

Local name: Ferenczy Múzeum

The name Ferenczy Museum comes from the Hungarian artist and painter Károly Ferenczy. The museum presents his works, as well as the works of his three children: Valéra, Noémi and Bénie Ferenczy. The museum also presents the work of other major local artists. Concerts are also held here due to the excellent acoustic conditions.

Károly Ferenczy was born in Vienna in 1862, but spent part of his life in Szentendre and created here. Two of his children were born here. The Ferencze family dealt with painting, sculpture and other fine arts. Noémi and Béni Ferenczy received the Kossuth Award (Béni twice), one of the most important art awards in Hungary.

The Ferenc Museum was founded in 1951. His headquarters is the former building of the curia, built in the nineteenth century. At the beginning of the 21st century, it was restored and adapted to the needs of the museum. The building is adapted to the needs of the disabled.


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    2000 Szentendre , Hungary