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Main Square

Local name: Fő tér

The Mighty Cross, or Column of the Mighty, is a column of several meters made of stone with a metal cross on top. It is located on a square with a triangular shape and also has a triangular base itself. It is surrounded by a decorative forged metal fence. It was set up in the square in 1763 as a thank you for the plague to stop. The cross was made in the style of late Rococo. Due to the central location on the main square of the city, the Mighty Column became one of the most recognizable elements of Szentendre.

This cross was built by Serbian Orthodox people who settled in Szentendre at the end of the 17th century. According to legend, the epidemic had only one fatality, which was buried at the base of the cross. As per superstition, she was buried vertically, head down, so that the disease would never return to the city.


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    Fő tér 2000 Szentendre , Hungary