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Esztergom is one of the most important cities for the national consciousness of Hungarians. It was here in 1000 that Stephen the Great was baptized and began the history of Hungarian statehood. The symbol of the city is the monumental basilica towering over it, and its buildings come mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries.

From the time of the baptism of Stefan the Great Ostrzyhom, also known in Hungarian as Esztergom, was one of the main towns and then towns of Hungary. The period of prosperity ended with the Turkish invasion and occupation. Successive invasions and wars led to the destruction of almost all buildings. The castle, built in the 10th / 11th century, with preserved medieval frescoes has survived. Today it houses the Castle Museum in Esztergom .

The city began to revive at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries after the defeat of the Turks and liberation from their occupation. It was then that the late baroque and classicist buildings were built, which have survived to this day. Its most important example is the enormous, domed basilica in Esztergom, one of the largest Hungarian churches. In the cathedral treasury, valuable monuments of sacred art are kept.

In Esztergom, history looks at tourists from almost every place. On a hill above the city, in 2001, a monument to the Coronation of St. Stefan . The MNM Balassa Bálint Museum presents monuments related to the history of Hungary, and the Christian Museum focuses on the baptism of Hungary and its influence on the history and culture of the country.

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