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Hungarian Museum of Environment and Water

Local name: Magyar Környezetvédelmi és Vízügyi Múzeum

The Museum of Water and Environmental Protection in Ostrzyhom is rather known as the Duna Múzeum, or the Danube Museum. The museum's exhibitions are devoted to water-related topics. Visitors can learn about the physical and chemical properties of water, as well as learn a lot about floods and how to prevent such disasters. Separate exhibitions show the history of irrigation and water supply techniques in Hungary.

The museum presents extensive collections, which include numerous objects, devices, tools and iconographic materials, as well as movable mock-ups, films and interactive exhibits that will also interest children and young people.

The museum was founded in the 1970s, and has been based in a Baroque building built in the first half of the 18th century since 1980. In the years 1998–2001 the museum was closed due to renovations, and in 2001 it resumed its activity under the name Duna Múzeum.


Attractions inside

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