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Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park

Local name: Debreceni Állatkert és Vidámpark

The Zoological Garden and Amusement Park in Debrecen are located within the Great Forest. Visitors can see about 1,500 animals representing over 160 different species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds from all continents. The Amusement Park has a dozen or so attractions, which include go-karts, roundabouts and a mill wheel.

The Debrecen zoo has a long history dating back to 1958. Initially, it had a very small area, but now occupies 17 hectares. The most valuable specimens in the zoo include a pair of white-handed gibbon and Nile hippos. On the other hand, the most popular among visitors are two-toed sloths, reticulated giraffe and spider monkey. At certain times, you can see the feeding of some zoo residents. Educational activities and workshops for children are also organized in the zoo.


Attractions inside

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