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Deri Museum

Local name: Déri Museum

The Déri Museum in Debrecen has one of the largest collections of fine arts in the country, as well as extensive collections of historical and archaeological exhibits. These collections are presented as part of numerous permanent exhibitions that allow visitors to become acquainted with Hungarian and world art, history, artistic crafts and applied arts. The most valuable exhibits include three paintings by Mihály Munkácsy known as the "Christ Trilogy".

The Déri Museum is housed in a building in the Neo-Baroque style, built in 1923-1929 according to the design of two Hungarian architects, Dénes Györgyi and Aladár Münnich. In front of the building there are four famous sculptures by Ferenc Medgyessy, which personify archeology, science, art and ethnology.

The museum was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, when Frigyes Déri, collector and current patron of the museum, gave the city its very extensive collection, including numerous works of art, as well as books and documents.


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    Déri tér 14026 Debrecen , Hungary