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Reformed Great Church

Local name: Nagytemplomi Református Egyházközség

The Great Evangelical Church in Debrecen is the largest Protestant temple in Hungary and represents the neoclassical style. Its usable area is 1500m2. It also has the largest bell of all Protestant churches in Hungary. The interior, in accordance with the Protestant tradition, is maintained in an ascetic style.

The Great Evangelical Church in its present shape was created in the first half of the 19th century. According to the original design by Mihály Péchy, it was to be crowned with a dome, but for financial reasons its construction was abandoned. Instead, the facade between the two towers is crowned with architectural details in the Baroque style.

The church is not only of great symbolic importance for Hungarian Protestants, but also for all Hungarians. During the Hungarian Uprising in 1848, Lajos Kossuth declared the country's independence here. The chair he was sitting on can be seen inside the church.


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    Kossuth tér 14026 Debrecen , Hungary