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Botanic Garden

Local name: Botanikus kert

The Botanical Garden of the University of Debrecen is located in the Great Forest and adjoins the university building. This relatively small botanical garden has an interesting collection of cacti and succulents, covering about 2,300 species. An interesting thing about the garden is the oak forest with lily-of-the-valley fleece and dendrarium, which is a collection of over 750 species of plants with woody stems.

The University Botanic Garden had its origins in the first half of the 19th century. In 1807, Sámuel Diószegi and Mihály Fazekas founded the first botanical garden in Debrecen. In 1928 it was moved to its present place, to the area of the Great Forest. Initially, it had an area of 17 hectares. During World War II it was partially destroyed and currently its area is 13.7 hectares. Within the garden there are greenhouses and a palm house, as well as a pond and a monument to the garden's founders.


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