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House of Terror

Local name: Terror Háza

Terror Háza, or the House of Terror, is a museum devoted to totalitarian regimes. The greater part of the exhibition concerns the Stalinist regime, the smaller part is devoted to the fascist period in Hungary. The permanent exhibition allows you to learn about the tragic history of the twentieth century and the methods used by special services to intimidate the population. The T-54 tank is one of the most interesting exhibits.

The neo-Renaissance building from the second half of the nineteenth century, which houses the museum, was in 1937-1944 the seat and prison of the Fascist Arrow Cross organization, and in 1945-1956 was used for the same purposes by the Stalinist political police, ÁVH. This adds authenticity to the museum operating here and makes it a monument to the victims of totalitarianism. The originator of the creation of the museum was Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary. The museum was opened in 2002.


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