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Baranya lies in the southern part of Hungary, at the fork of the Danube and the Drawa. It is an agricultural region famous for viticulture. The low hills of Villany and Mecsek are located here, whose slopes are overgrown with vineyards. The main centers are the cities of Pecs and Mohacz.

The region's greatest wealth is fertile soil and excellent conditions for growing vineyards. Wine-making traditions date back to the Middle Ages and are still cultivated. The Villany wine region is one of the most important in Hungary. On the slopes of the crescent hills, vineyards grow, between which there are farms. There are plenty of wine cellars here, and the cities of Villany and Szársomlyó are famous for their wineries, where you can buy and taste locally produced beverages.

The capital of the region is Pecs, a city where Hungarian, German and Turkish influences intertwine, and next to churches and synagogues you can also see a mosque. The most important monument of the city is the early Christian cemetery inscribed on the UNESCO list.

A similar cultural mix can be found in Mohacz. The city with numerous historic churches and Art Nouveau public buildings is known primarily for the annual farewell to the carnival called busójárás.

As in other parts of Hungary, there is no shortage of mineral and thermal springs in Baranya. The region's most famous spa is Harkany with a large swimming pool complex and spa center.

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