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number 67 in the city

Freedom Bridge

Local name: Szabadság híd

The Wolności Bridge is a lattice cantilever bridge connecting Buda and Pest. It is 333 meters long and 20 meters wide, and has three spans. It is the shortest of all Hungarian bridges over the Danube. The metal structure has a green color, and its four masts are crowned with sculptures depicting Turul, a mythical Hungarian bird resembling an eagle. The bridge is car, tram and pedestrian traffic.

This bridge, originally known as the Franz Josef Bridge, was built in 1894-1896 at the same time as the Elisabeth Bridge. The design of the bridge by János Feketeházy was selected in a competition from among 70 other proposals. Emperor Franz Josef solemnly hammered the last rivet during the solemn opening ceremony.

During the Second World War all bridges on the Danube were destroyed. The Franz Josef Bridge was rebuilt first, which is why it received a new name and is now known as the Freedom Bridge.


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    Szabadság híd 1118 Budapest , Hungary