Hungary    Budapest    Citadel
number 27 in the city


Local name: Citadella

The Budapest Citadel is a massive fortification, covering almost the entire surface of the flat summit of Gellert Hill. The citadel is U-shaped, its length is 220 meters and its width is 60 meters. The walls of the building are 4 meters high. Along the walls of the Citadel, you can now see a small exhibition of Soviet weapons from World War II, covering several types of guns. At the Citadel there is also the famous Freedom Monument, commemorating Hungarians fighting for independence.

The citadel was built by the Austrian authorities after the Hungarian revolution in 1848, its construction was completed in 1854. The building was designed by Emmanuel Zitta and Ferenc Kasselik. After the creation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Austrian army left the fortress and its gates were symbolically destroyed. The citadel was later used by Soviet forces, who fired on the city from here during the revolution in 1956.


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    Citadella sétány 11118 Budapest , Hungary