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Hungarian Natural History Museum

Local name: Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum

The Hungarian Museum of Natural History is the largest museum on this subject in Hungary and the region. His exhibits can be seen as part of several permanent exhibitions in the fields of geology, zoology and botany, mineralogy and paleontology.

One of the most interesting objects in the Museum is the skeleton of a whale, weighing almost 2 tons. It is hung under the dome at the main entrance to the Museum, so that visitors can stand directly under it. This part of the building was specially rebuilt to fit the huge skeleton of the animal.

The exhibition presenting the life of the coral reef is also very popular. it has the form of an aquarium built into the walls and floor with an area of 122 m2. This exhibition shows three types of coral reefs and numerous species of plants and animals that live in them. Other exhibitions show the species diversity of plants and animals inhabiting our planet, and the relationship between individual species.


Attractions inside

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    Ludovika tér 21083 Budapest , Hungary