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Thermal Baths of St. Lukacs

Local name: Szent Lukács Gyógyfürdő

Healing baths of St. Łukasz is one of the oldest bathhouses in Budapest, located in Buda near the Margaret Bridge. There are several pools fed by thermal waters. Healing waters in these pools have a temperature of 32 to 40 ° C. In addition, you can use the sauna and swimming pools in which the water is cooler and has from 22 to 26 ° C. The complex also offers various health and beauty services, such as massages, a solarium and fitness classes.

Inhabitants of these areas used hot springs probably already during the Roman Empire. In the 12th century, monasteries operated here to treat the sick. The existing complex was built in the second half of the nineteenth century, and in later decades it was repeatedly modified and modernized. The bathhouse was named Saint Luke because he is the patron saint of doctors and nurses.


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